Though we prepared for the difficulties that might be ahead
when starting production at “BACKSTAGE,” in actuality,
we went through many challenges that were beyond our imagination.
There is a certain pleasure in making glasses on you own
but there were many things that we didn’t know and couldn’t do,
so we learned little by little asking craftsmen around us for guidance.
One day, a craftsman said, “A craftsman is not an artist.
We cannot live if we take too much time to make what we like to make.
Glasses are not a piece of art-work, but a product.”

Currently, many young people with an aspiration
for craftsmanship have gathered in “BACKSTAGE” from all over Japan.
Coming from Nagoya, Osaka, and Kagoshima,
they all have a strong determination and conviction.
We were touched by their passion and aspiration,
and believe that “BACKSTAGE” is our current mission
to support these aspiring craftsmen.
Moving forward step by step, we believe that our efforts
lead to the revitalization of our local industry.

BACKSTAGE uses an in-house production system from cutting plastic (acetate or celluloid) frame to polishing (finishing). KANEKO OPTICAL has placed great importance on the in-house production while the glasses industry usually adopts the division of labor. By doing so, we have successfully improved the quality of the product by utilizing ideas and modifications which are generated during the production process although the productivity is not very high. Additionally, our well-equipped facility such as 3D-CAD makes the three-dimensional modeling possible which has never been materialized before. Even though we have cutting-edge machinery in BACKSTAGE, not all processes are done by the machines. Most of the detailed works such as cutting the material, cutting off the lens-hole with the lens shape, putting the nose pad, cutting the temple and fixing the hinge are crafted by skilled craftsmen. Because of the in-house production, we can concentrate on the quality of the product, not on quantity unlike other manufacturers using division of labor that puts stress on the productivity.